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Content marketing consulting hour

Busy with marketing, content and e-commerce? And looking for a partner to discuss your content strategy? Schedule a no-obligation consultation with our digital marketing consultant.


Content Marketing Consulting Hour

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Content Strategy Challenge

Creating a fitting customer experience is becoming an ever-growing challenge. The various channels, from TikTok to webshop, and different customer needs require specific content. Our digital marketing consultant, Sten Verveen, helps by taking an external look at your customer approach and advises on the realization of the best and most personalized customer experience.

Learnings of the Content Consultation Hour

This question time is a great opportunity to discuss all your digital marketing & content issues with our expert. In an interactive setting we will jointly examine what your specific issue is and how Macaw can support you if desired. Examples of questions we regularly receive are:

  • How can I increase the effectiveness of my digital marketing & content strategy?
  • How can content contribute to the right customer experience?
  • How do you use data to identify digital marketing opportunities?
  • Can I make a business case for optimization?

Event Information

  • Location: online via Microsoft Teams.
  • Date: we choose a suitable time together.
  • For whom: Head of Digital, Head of CX, Content Managers, Marketing Managers & Directors, Ecommerce Managers.
  • Costs: none.
Curious about the best content strategy for your organization?
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Discuss your digital marketing and content questions with our digital marketing consultant without obligation.

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Content Marketing Consulting Hour

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