events/Macaw x Microsoft present: the OpenAI Roadshow

Macaw x Microsoft present: the OpenAI Roadshow

Explore Applications for Your Business with Microsoft and Macaw

Is your organization curious about OpenAI, or do you already have initial ideas ready to start working with it yourselves? During the Open AI Roadshow, Michel Heijman (Head of Technology, Macaw) and Jan Depping (Partner Technology Strategist Azure, Microsoft) are touring the country to assist organizations with their use cases. Take the step from brainstorming to execution and book your first AI successes before the summer!


  • Opening by Microsoft: discover Microsoft’s roadmap of OpenAI and their vision on topics such as responsible AI. What does the future look like, and what impact will this have on your business?
  • Macaw: get inspired by concrete use cases from your industry that we are currently applying to our clients. Examples include the OpenAI website chatbot and OpenAI content writer.
  • Discussion: together with you, our sole goal for this day is to create value with AI as quickly as possible and take advantage of this new technology. How is your organization taking the first step? We’re eager to discuss it with you!


Is it just brainstorming? No it’s much more. Together with you, we will create 1 to 3 concrete OpenAI use cases during the roadshow, which Macaw can implement for you. These use cases are characterized by short implementation time and high impact on results.

Request the Roadshow

Request the roadshow without any obligation through our digital form or contact Michel Heijman (, +31 6 16821227). We will tailor the program completely to your organization and challenges through a brief introductory call.

Request the OpenAI Roadshow

Do you want to engage in discussions with our Head of Technology, Michel Heijman, and Microsoft's OpenAI expert, Jan Depping? Request the roadshow for your organization, completely free of charge and without obligation.

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Work More Efficiently, Delight Customers, and Enhance Processes: Showcasing the Top Use Cases

Since the early developments in artificial intelligence (AI), Macaw has been at the forefront of acquiring and applying knowledge for our clients. During our OpenAI Hackathon, our experts developed four use cases that we now implement for our clients. These enable them to work more efficiently, provide customer support, and optimize processes.


Microsoft & Macaw: strategic partners in digital transformation

Looking for an experienced, driven, and successful Microsoft Partner? Macaw has over 25 years of expertise in the Microsoft stack, the most qualified people, and diverse experience through our work for clients such as Heineken and TataSteel. We are capable of delivering the best solution for every customer. Want to know more about our partnerships?