started/OpenAI Chatbot Experience: Your first Azure OpenAI lighthouse project

OpenAI Chatbot Experience: Your first Azure OpenAI lighthouse project

Artificial intelligence is the buzz of the moment – and it wil soon change the way you engage with customers and empower your employees. Use our experience to lay the groundwork for using OpenAI to achieve your business goals.

3 challenges of OpenAI

  1. How do I create real added value for my organization?
  2. How do I manage OpenAI questions in my organization?
  3. How can I use OpenAI safely without exposing sensitive information to the public?

OpenAI = Game changer

With its advanced language model, Azure OpenAI enables organizations to explore countless possibilities for improving customer engagement and empowering employees.

Macaw is your ideal partner to explore the potential use cases of OpenAI in your organization.

Azure OpenAI offers businesses with multiple opportunities such as:

  • Personalized interactions
  • Real-time support
  • Content creation
  • Knowledge management
  • Smart talent planner
  • Skill chatbot

Our Approach

Kick off
  • In the kick-off meeting, we look at your business situation and the specific challenges you face. A questionnaire helps us to prepare this meeting in advance.
Data-Integration & Demo
  • After receiving your content and possible other data resources, we will create the lighthouse project, which we will demonstrate in the demo session.
Next Steps
  • The demo will inspire you and there for sure will be questions. There will be time and space for them!

Your Future-Oriented Investment

The cost of our OpenAI Chatbot Experience is € 6.900,- (excl. VAT / travel expenses)

The experience consists of:

  • Kick-off including preparations
  • Creation of your lighthouse project (demo)
  • Demo and discussion of next steps

The demo will be delivered on a non-production environment and if not stated otherwise, separate from a website.

Your time required:

We estimate that your IT & business stakeholders will have to spend a total of approx. 8 hours during the collaboration

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