Digital Work 2022

Digital Work 2022 Trend Report: six trending topics shaping the digital workplace

Hybrid collaboration is changing from a distant technological prospect into a working method that you have to respond to as an organization in order to shape future-proof work/teamwork. In our trend report we outline six trending topics relating to the digital workplace.

Digital Work in 2022

The digital workplace as we move forward into 2022

If the past eighteen months have taught the business community anything, it’s that flexibility is essential for organizations. Flexibility is needed in order to reach and continue to serve customers, to engage employees and keep them satisfied, and to attract new talent.

In all of this, technology is not a goal, but an enabler that facilitates your organization in hybrid work and teamwork. But if you want to design it be future-proof, digital transformation is necessary.

From digitally facilitating frontline workers to the ongoing security arms race: these six trends are important for the digital workplace

Together with our customers and knowledge partners, including Microsoft, Gartner and Forrester, we have discussed and looked at the main developments for HR and business professionals in the area of the digital workplace. We sum up these developments in six trending topics:

  1. Maintaining knowledge sharing and connection with the organization is essential with hybrid working.
  2. Frontline workers need to be better facilitated.
  3. Working out every last detail of your adoption strategy is pointless: just dive in!
  4. Organizations realize that they need to be able to respond quickly to changes. This is possible with no-code/low-code.
  5. Data should further support your sustainability ambitions and efforts.
  6. When it comes to working in ways that are independent of time and place, security is an ongoing arms race.

Are you curious about what exactly these trending topics mean?

In the trend report we discuss these digital workplace trending topics in detail and look at how other organizations have responded and what this means for your company. Plus we provide some key takeaways that you can use immediately!

trendrapport digital work 2022

Onze must-read voor alle HR- en Business-professionals. Lees waar je rondom de digitale werkplek écht mee aan de slag moet richting 2022.

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Digital Work in 2022

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