digital innovation within your organisation with the Power Platform

Increase digital innovation within your organisation with the Power Platform

The platform for lightning transformation of your business needs into digital solutions. In this webinar, our expert will tell you all about the components of the platform, how businesses use it and how Macaw helps its customers, from business apps to a fully future-proof Power Platform.

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Power Platform: the solution for business and IT

There is a high demand for business apps that make efficient working and rapid changes possible. And that demand is set to grow further in the coming years. Another 500 million apps are predicted to be added over the next 5 years – more than have been built in the past 40 years!

In practice, however, the desire for so many apps gives rise to quite a few challenges between business and IT. We’re facing an ‘app gap challenge’: the demand for apps from business continues to grow, but there aren’t enough developers to build them.

With the Power Platform, Microsoft offers a platform with which your entire organization can get started with innovation: both colleagues with little IT knowledge (‘citizen developers’) and professional developers. The no-code/low-code starting-point means that anyone can develop business apps and digitize processes. It also takes the pressure off IT, giving it time to focus on complex and business-critical IT issues where its specific knowledge is desperately needed. In this way, the platform gives your digital transformation a real boost.

Webinar takeaways

Do you want to know whether the platform has a role to play in your organization? In this webinar, discover the Power Platform and put your questions to our expert, Matthijs van der Linden. After the webinar you will:

  • Know about the different parts of the platform
  • Understand the possibilities, from individual business apps to digital transformation
  • Have seen examples of organizations embracing the platform
  • Know how Macaw helps customers with the Power Platform

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Learn all about the components and applications of the Power Platform in 30 minutes.

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Microsoft and Macaw: strategic partners in digital transformation

Are you looking for an experienced, highly motivated and successful Microsoft Gold Partner? Macaw has more than 25 years of expertise in the Microsoft stack, the best qualified people and a wide range of experience based on our work for clients such as Heineken and TataSteel. We are able to provide the best solution for every client.