IT Operations Trend Report

Optimized IT Operations Trend Report

With the emergence of hybrid working and new technological developments, businesses have started looking differently at IT trends for 2022. How can they keep their operations manageable, secure, flexible and efficient? Read about the IT trends in our report.

IT Support as a Basis for Hybrid Working

While many organizations have started working in a very different way in recent years – in some cases having been forced to do so due by the coronavirus pandemic – it’s now time for them to also take a critical look at how they support this. For example, by reducing the complexity of the IT landscape. Or by making systems more secure. And what about making greater use of the possibilities of the cloud? But how do you do all this in practice?

The Four Main Optimization Trends

From countless conversations with our clients and our own research, four IT trends for 2022 have emerged regarding the optimization of IT:

  • Improving security on the basis of a solid zero-trust foundation
  • Integration of IT systems through vendor consolidation
  • Support for hybrid working with virtual workplace solutions
  • Introducing a programmable infrastructure to allow faster innovation

Would you like to know more?

We discuss these trends in our Optimized IT Operations trend report. You can read all about how to support hybrid working better, improve the security of your systems and make your organization more agile in order to keep pace with market developments. We’ll help you move ahead with your IT agenda for 2022.

Tips for your IT agenda in 2022

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