The Sitecore Commerce Quick Start for B2B

Open the new digital route to your market in just 8 to 10 weeks.
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Challenge: the change in customer behavior has accelerated

Winning, serving and retaining customers in the ’new normal‘ now requires digital channels for many B2B or B2B2C organizations. Macaw teamed up with Sitecore and developed a Quick Start for the rapid deployment of a digital popup storefront. In just 8 weeks you now can open your new digital route to the market.

A B2B solution by Sitecore & Macaw

Where the digital storefront must be simple to use, the processes behind them are usually more complex. Just copying a B2C concept does not fit. Improving customer experience and control complex workflows at the same time creates frustrations for B2B businesses trying to work with digital channels.

The Sitecore XC Quick Start offers a faster time to market with quick value for customers and workflows to support a seamless backend integration.

What’s included?

With the Sitecore XC Quick Start program, you can now launch a fully functional commerce popup storefront quickly using these components:

  • Sitecore Experience Commerce (XC)
  • Cloud hosting – provided by Microsoft
  • Consulting and education – provided by Macaw
  • Deployment services – provided by Macaw

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