Macaw, 25 years of being the full-service digital partner who loves challenges

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Only companies that combine data, design and breakthrough technical solutions with the right people, can successfully transform. And that strong combination is exactly what Macaw has been focusing on for 25 years in order to make both customers and their employees successful.

We love challenges

By combining business acumen, the best people and first-class technology, we can deliver the best digital solutions to make our customers successful. As a full-service digital partner, we know what delivering the ultimate customer experience means. Together we shape digital transformation, both inside and outside your organization.

Really contribute to the success of your organization

Macaw is a unique combination of a system integrator and a digital agency. Thanks to our wide range of services, we can meet any challenge and really contribute to the success of your organization. Whatever the challenge, we provide the best solution. In addition to implementing and maintaining technology, our team also helps you with strategy, design, adoption, further development and optimization.

Full-service digital partner on a strategic, tactical and operational level

We do this by thinking outside the box by looking at the issue from such perspectives as strategy, design, data, marketing and sales and combining them to find a solution. On a strategic, tactical and operational level. We do more than just device, design and implement the technology; we also ensure adoption of our solution. Over the years, we have developed from a provider of IT services, into a full-service digital partner. This is the only way we can really contribute to your success.

Microsoft Gold Partner and Sitecore Platinum Partner on a European scale

We work with 370 people from the Netherlands, Germany and Lithuania. Over the next 5 years, it is our ambition to grow into a full-service digital partner on a European level. We always strive for the best results, as evidenced by our focus and partnerships with Microsoft and Sitecore. We are honored to be named multiple Microsoft Gold Partner and Sitecore Platinum Partner and we are proud of all our awards.

Our culture is unique

In the past 25 years, our culture has been shaped by a unique combination of being a system integrator and a digital agency. Others recognize us by our craftsmanship, dedication, taking on the challenge, wanting to be the best and not being satisfied until our customer is successful. We are passionate professionals, tech savvy, design talents, data geeks and social leaders who love challenges. We are more than a contractor; we act as a partner and challenge you.

Great Place to Work

We are proud to call ourselves a ‘Great Place to Work’. Our people make us and our customers successful. That is why we have a people-oriented culture with attention and care for our employees, their development, vitality and work-life balance.

Our key values

  • Excellent: we stand for quality and craftsmanship. That is why our knowledge and skills are of the highest level and we work with top-notch technology and we have the best people working for us.
  • Passion: we love our profession. That is why we are proud to work with you and why we continuously improve ourselves.
  • Innovative: we follow the latest developments in marketing and technology, we always recognize new opportunities and do not hesitate to try new things.
  • Ownership: we take responsibility and you can rely on us. That’s why we are in charge, manage and do not stop until we have reached our common goal.
  • Fair: we are fair and transparent. That is why we say what we do, and we do what we say, and we also help you by sometimes disagreeing with you.

The challenge

Organizations who want to realize a successful digital transformation focus their strategy on the following three topics (Challenges):

  1. Customer Experience: offering the ultimate customer experience through optimal cooperation between Marketing, IT and data teams.
  2. Employee Empowerment: an agile organization with employees who have access to modern tools, data and insights.
  3. Optimized IT Operations: a modernized scalable IT environment with both robust and flexible processes and attention to governance & security.

Companies we help

We help companies achieve this and have already successfully done so with organizations such as Evides, Heineken, Smurfit Kappa, CRH, HomeFashion Group, Priva, ANWB, ONVZ, VGZ, Menzis, REWE, Deutsche Telekom, Sony, Vorwerk, Henkel, L’Oréal, ChupaChups, congstar, Melitta and Volkswagen PON Financial Services.

Macaw. Challenge Accepted.
Our customers

What's your challenge?

We are happy to advise you on creating unforgettable customer experiences and how to empower your employees. Are you looking for advise? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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