Great Place To Work 2021

Macaw ranked 4th in Great Place to Work’s survey of Best Large Workplaces

Macaw excels on dimensions such as trust, respect, credibility, pride and camaraderie and climbs once again in Great Place to Work rankings

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Hoofddorp, 8 June 2021 – Digital service provider Macaw has again been included among the top Best Large Workplaces in the Netherlands. After coming seventh and sixth, this year Macaw has climbed to the number four position. The Best Workplaces Nederland 2021 rankings were announced yesterday afternoon by the Great Place to Work organization during an online awards ceremony. Alongside its ranking among the top seven, international operator Macaw is ‘Great Place to Work Certified’ in both the Netherlands and Germany and meets the good employment practices criteria.

Trust and leadership

For more than 35 years Great Place to Work has surveyed employee satisfaction in over 60 countries. Its rankings are based on a combination of scores from its Trust Index (employee feedback on such matters as trust, leadership and a psychologically-safe environment) and a Culture Audit (in which the organization itself describes its policy and culture). All the companies on the list have a culture based on trust and, as a result, they perform better and their personnel are generally more satisfied and enjoy their work more.


Macaw takes part in the Great Place to Work survey to gain insight, as well as continually work to improve the organization’s internal culture. And the company scores well in many areas. For example, the study showed that employees feel they are treated fairly, with scores well above 90%. While 91% said that you can count on your colleagues and 89% reported that they can be themselves at work. But no less than 88% described Macaw as a fun place to work, and that is 3% higher than the average Best Large Workplace in the Netherlands. In addition, 84% said that they are encouraged to find a good work-life balance. Finally, the overall score for the Trust Index was 80%, which is more than 10% above the standard.

Standing out in difficult times

 “As proud as a peacock! There’s no other way to describe it,” says Ronald van Es, Macaw CFO. “Macaw staff have already demonstrated over the last few years that they are unique with a strong sense of community and responsibility, a keen desire to succeed as a team, plus they are authentic and have a positive outlook, while on a constant mission to improve. If they can do that and even strengthen it in difficult times, I am all the more grateful to them and I would like to thank them all for their inspiration, commitment and positivity. With confidence and enthusiasm, we look forward to what the future will bring. With this team it looks like we can meet any challenge. It is not without reason that our slogan is: ‘We love challenges’.”

About Great Place to Work

Great Place to Workoperates on the basis of its belief that a high level of trust is a company’s most important competitive advantage. For more than 35 years the organization has been measuring the level of trust in businesses by having staff complete a questionnaire and the organization draw up a document in which they describe what they are doing to grow and to improve. Great Place to Work is now active in 60 countries. The companies that take part vary in size, age and type of industry but they all have one goal in mind, and that is to be a good employer.  

The Great Place to Work website provides more information about the survey along with the full list of companies.


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