A single e-commerce platform to create relevant experiences.

Just having an e-commerce platform isn’t enough anymore. You need to grab customers’ attention and stand out from the crowd to win sales. Integrating your content with commerce is a good way to start.
Using Sitecore Experience Platform, you can serve content that’s relevant to each individual visitor. By matching content with commerce, you offer a seamless experience on your website and in your online store. Sitecore and Mercury E-commerce are natively integrated, enabling B2C and B2B retailers to maintain up-to-date customer profiles and cross-channel histories - from store and product catalogs and direct mail to web, email, and social media.
When you combine real-time customer insights with accurate product information in a single platform, you can personalize content and merchandising without the headaches that normally accompany integrating content and commerce systems.

Mercury E-commerce Accelerator

Mercury E-commerce is an enterprise storefront for accelerated implementation of Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) and Sitecore Commerce, resulting in a fully integrated omnichannel solution. Mercury comes with over 120 commerce components that can be further customized any way you like to create seamless customer experiences in any channel and on any device.
Get your project up and runnng with Mercury and start rebranding right away. Mercury and Sitecore’s leading experience management platform guarantee you a unified integrated platform with a robust and scalable architecture.

Shorter time to market

Keep your strategy viable.
We see it all the time... Developing enterprise e-commerce projects takes time. However, company strategy changes so rapidly that the initial strategy has often changed by the time you get to launch. With Mercury, you can skip a huge chunk of time-consuming development and start personalizing right away. Reducing your time to market keeps your strategy viable.

Future-proof commerce

Use technology that lasts.
The life cycle for e-commerce websites is relatively short. Customer expectations constantly change and grow as new technologies emerge on a near daily basis. Sitecore and Mercury guarantee technology that will exceed your customers’ expectations today and in the future. You can connect all your data to a single database, personalize to the max, and exercise ultimate flexibility and control to create a fully mature omnichannel approach.

Lower TCO

Reduce your risk cost.
Our ready-to-use components save you the valuable time and resources you’d otherwise spend on development. All our components are developed based on the latest technology and are thoroughly tested.
Combined with best practices, this safeguards your progress and significantly cuts your total cost of ownership.

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